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You are welcome to Denos Insurance Brokers Limited -a world of insurance where you never get worried about any future loss.


The essence of not getting worried is not because there is no danger ahead but because the future is secured through Denos Insurance Brokers Limited. Do you desire a secure future of your assets, projects, finance etc? then join us.

Who We Are...

Denos Insurance Brokers Limited has been structured to add value to our clients. We believe in clients satisfaction always. In this regard, our organizational structure has been designed to reflect nature of our mission and vision.

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Why you need us...

  • 1We have better bargaining power and this enables the insured secure a reasonable and competitive premium at no extra cost.

  • 2We study in detail the terms, conditions, exclusions and provisos contained in the insurance policy. Where clauses are inconsistent with the objective of the policy, Denos Insurance Broker Ltd would advise the insecure appropriately.

  • 3We are conversant with relevant insurance legislations and practice which are utilized to the advantage of the insured in reporting claim in such a way that insurers cannot hide under legal flaws to repudiate liabilities or deny claim.

  • 4In pursuing claim, we ensure prompt and adequate claim settlement.

  • 5We have experts in the risk management functions and causes of insurable losses. The report of such risks exposure analysis and evaluation would be useful in making robust decision on your risk management strategy.

  • 6We are a major participant in the insurance industry. You are better off engaging our services because we make obtaining of your insurance policies easier at the comensurate premium.